Groundlessness! What an unattractive proposition. I resist the notion, heart and soul, even as I see the truth in it. Give me some kind of insurance policy, please! Some guarantee that where I’m standing today (or where I stood yesterday) will be where I’m standing tomorrow. But I have never heard of anyone selling a policy like that.

Some lyrics from one of my latest songs:

The stuff I had to offer

Was goin’ out the door in buckets

They were clapping, they were cheering,

Seemed like finally I had struck it

They were lined up in the streets

And every card that I was playin’

Was an ace

But then a trap door opened

And I was tumblin’

Toward an unfamiliar place.


Chogyam Trungpa offers this perspective:

The bad news is, you’re hurtling through space and your parachute won’t open.

The good news is that there is no ground.

Could it be that we might come to enjoy this kind of ride? Since the possibility exists that this is the sort of ride we’re taking, without being aware of it?

Like I said, an unattractive proposition.