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You pick up the pieces
You put them together
You make of them something new.

We humans are extraordinary resilient, I feel. And this is something to acknowledge ourselves for, something we can be proud of.

In the lead-up to recording Not The Express, Heath and I were having a conversation about songwriting one day. At one point he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Why don’t you write a song with a character in it who’s not you? You know, a song with a whole story in it, that’s not your story. It could be any sort of story you like.”

And that was how Pieces was born: taking up this challenge. The song includes two characters, neither of them me, and two stories. Both of these stories have to do with crashing and burning in some way or other. And the refrain of the song points to how, whenever this happens, we somehow find the means to rise again from our own ashes.

It’s always good to notice what is good.


P.S. Thanks to Tim Winterflood.